Danger in Success

Success can be dangerous. For the athlete, it can be achieving that long awaited scholarship. For the businessman, finally making more money than he ever imagined. The investor, receiving a high return. Or, for the person who was overweight that reaches their ideal weight.

It’s in success that we let our guard down. We often forget what got us there. An athlete that receives the coveted scholarship must realize that to succeed at the next level requires the same effort or more to succeed at the new level. Don’t become complacent. Continue to do what got you there!

In business, always look for ways to improve. What got you there is what will keep you there. Learn, observe, and just as an athlete, don’t become complacent.

If you were expecting at 10% return, and instead, you got 20%. Be willing to take some chips off the table. The man who continues to double down will at some point lose it all. Markets go up and markets go down. The best opportunities come when they are down. If you have no cash available, you miss the opportunities.

What about weight loss? Once you’ve made it, stick to what got you there. You will stumble, but catch yourself before you fall. When you slip, set a limit to how much you can slip and get back on the horse. You’ve worked too hard and going back to where you were isn’t an option.

Success can be dangerous or with the right mindset, it can lead to more success. Just keep moving!

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