Changing the World – Kaileigh Hennessey

week we highlight someone that is making a difference in this world. This week is Kaileigh Hennessey! She is a mother of two and like many, she and
her husband were living paycheck to paycheck while drowning in debt. With $150 in their checking account, after
praying, she took a leap of faith by spending $40 on an opportunity with Beachbody. Yes, P90X and Insanity. That Beachbody! She could not even afford to buy Beachbody
products, but she took the leap anyway. From where she started to where she is
today, and where she is planning to go.
Hear Kaileigh’s story this week on The Mickey Ellison Show. There are incredible people all around us,
it’s time for them to be seen. Along
with Kaileigh Hennessey and The Mickey Ellison Show, let’s Change the World!

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